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Blagojevich trial: Adam prompting repeated objections

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with Natasha Korecki

Sam Adam Jr. has begun questioning former Blagojevich chief of staff Lon Monk about the early years of his involvement in Blagojevich's political career - the transition to the governor's seat in 2003.

He is first tackling the issue of the board and commission appointments that Blagojevich made - allegedly in exchange for campaign cash.

Adam argued that with some 1,500 board and commission seats that needed filling, there were thousands of applicants, and Blagojevich could not have reviewed them all.

"While you say it's the governor's ultimate responsibility, the governor didn't sit down and interview, 3, 4,000 people for these jobs, did he?" Adam asked him.

Sam Adam Jr. is now asking Monk about "philosophies" under Blagojevich's gubernatorial administration. Adam is animated, pacing, speaking very loudly in response to Monk's calm, measured words.

Adam is prompting repeated objections from the government, and all of them so far have been upheld by the judge. Government prosecutors have perhaps already objected more in the first 15 minutes of the day than Sam Adam Jr. objected for the entirety of the government's three days of questioning Monk.

"It might be better if you use less loaded words," Judge Zagel told Adam. Zagel has also cautioned him on the relevance of his questioning.

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