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Blagojevich trial: Adam has no further questions

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with Natasha Korecki

Sam Adam Jr. has continued to challenge Lon Monk's credibility, questioning his accounts of conversations involving former Deputy Gov. Bob Greenlee and lobbyist John Wyma.

Adam is beyond animated as he concludes questioning, accusing Monk of lying, reaching across the room to point at the ex-governor then pointing right at Monk again.

"You want your deal don't you, Mr. Monk?" Adam asked. "You want your deal with the government to go through."


"Yes," Monk answered.

"And you have to come in here and say what their version of the truth is," Adam said, spurring an objection from the government.

Then Adam falls flat.

"You're making this up ... So you can put this on his back, so you can get your deal, aren't you, Mr. Greenlee?"

Monk, pauses, staring back and saying nothing because he knows he doesn't have to.

"I'm sorry -- Mr. Monk," Adam corrects himself.

Adam consults with his father, both standing, in the middle of the courtroom. He returns with no further questions -- at 11:50 a.m. -- after he said yesterday he'd take the whole day.

Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner is now questioning Monk further.

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