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Blagojevich ponders political alliance with Jarrett but asks: "What does that do for me?"

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

In the newest recording played, Rod Blagojevich is heard talking with former Chief of Staff John Harris about forging some kind of political alliance with Valerie Jarrett.

Harris is suggesting that Rod Blagojevich could tell Valerie Jarrett he'd appoint her if she'd "stand up with him," rendering the governor more effective moving his legislative agenda forward.

Harris: "If she commits to that, that's pretty good, too ... The president's best friend and ally ... Emil Jones, standing next to you at some health care event isn't as powerful as Valerie."

Blagojevich isn't having it.

"I agree with everything you're saying, but what does that do for me?" Blagojevich says.

Later: "You understand, it's very important for me to make a lot of money. I need the independence. I need the freedom."
Blagojevich complains about the vulnerability my family is under because of these public responsibilities ... that I've made my children and my wife vulnerable."

He goes on.
"I've got this scrutiny going on and this investigation. How the hell am I going to send my kids to college ... and never again am I going to screw ... my kids and my family."

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