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Blagojevich on tape: Jesse Jackson Jr. back in the mix; Doug Scofield says Blago is "difficult"

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Blagojevich is heard saying he talked to "the Jacksons" over the weekend and wants Scofield to tell Balanoff that Jesse Jackson Jr. is a prospect again.

"I over-promised on Jesse Jr. ... He's in the mix all of a sudden, OK?" Blagojevich says, giggling.

"Joe Stroud was part of it. I'll tell you when I see you," he says. "I'm not ruling him out."

Later on the tape, Blagojevich is amazed Obama's camp won't play ball with him:]. "The arrogance of these f------ people," he says.

Blago is also heard asking about a corporate board placement for his wife, Patti. He mentions that Michelle Obama sat on several such boards.

"Why can't we get Patti on a couple of those?" he asks.

In the courtroom, prosecutor Reid Schar asks Doug Scofield what he thought of these ideas.

"It seemed absurd to me," Scofield said. "The idea of being on the Cabinet seemed entirely unlikely. The idea of a corporate board seemed entirely unlikely."

"He can be difficult," Scofield said, speaking of his working relationship with the ex-governor. If people angered him, they could be "treated poorly, cut off," he testified.

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