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Blagojevich on tape: Get Obama to fund-raise from Warren Buffett, Bill Gates

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In the next tape, Blagojevich is heard floating another idea -- to ask the president-elect to ask Warren Buffett or Bill Gates to throw $15 million into a health-care related charity account that Blago could manage and live off. In exchange, of course, he'd appoint Valerie Jarrett to Obama's Senate seat.

Blago had just seen on the news that Obama didn't want Jarrett in the Senate anymore; instead, he was considering her for a cabinet post. But Blago's not convinced, and he floats this new fund-raising idea.

Rod: This is one of those things where you're the president-elect of the United States. His people, they go get the money.
Harris: I think that's a lot easier for them than an appointment, sure...
Rod: You go to these big Democratic multi-billionaires ... and you ask them all to give 2, ... a couple million each ... That's all they got to do for Valerie Jarrett... that's not hard for them.

Harris wasn't so convinced -- the Obama camp "may have higher priorities," he said from the stand. But he didn't fight the idea.

"I was just being agreeable with him," Harris said in court. "Just keeping the conversation moving along. There was other matters i was hoping to get to."

Later on the tape, Blago says he wants Harris to find some other Senate candidates.

"Why don't we start looking for an African-American Tammy Duckworth? We can, can't we?" he is heard asking.

Judge Zagel has called a lunch break. We'll resume at 1:30.

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Obama is a War Criminal. He has been a War Criminal for several years in funding, conspiring and waging Wars of Aggression. He should Not have been placed on the ballots. He should Not have been certified by the Congress. Obama should Not have been sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. These acts were unconstitutional, felonious and treasonous. Obama could be arrested at any time by the U.S. Government, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. for War Crimes and a multitude of other charges. Our political, civil and military leaders along with the mainstream media have perpetuated and built a "Big Lie" for years. It is on the scale that Hitler and the Nazis used to deceive the German people. Obama is one manifestation of that Lie. Obama is guilty of massive criminality before and after his illegal election.


I think Obama is more crooked than Nixon ever thought of being!

Impeachment won't happen, there would be charges of "raaacism", running rampant, turning into riots!

It will take a resignation or someone actually going in and ushering him out!

Who will impeach him? The (R)s don't have the votes and they don't want to jeopardize their chances to get more votes in November; the (D)s are scrambling to just hang on to what they've got now. It's a crazy time in history leaves the US strategically very vulnerable.

You know I am sick of hearing that tired old excuse, "This kind of stuff goes on all the time." So what. It doesn't suddenly make it legal! People sell drugs all the time, men rape women all the time, people rob banks all the time, doesn't make it right, or legal. Before this ever gets to obama, obama will have someone make it all go away. Nothing will touch obama, the anointed one. Think i wouldn't want to see obama fail and his administration and his bet I would, I would like to see them all behind bars....sadly, ain't gonna happen.

Of course Obama knew what was going down. It was his seat that was being allocated. Of course he was involved in the question of who would get that seat. It would defy credibility that all this was going on and Obama wasn't in the loop. This is the Chicago machine at work. The media in its adoration didn't want to delve into the workings of that machine prior to the election. But anyone familiar with Chicago knows how the game is played. Obama is a product of the Chicago machine. Finally the media is starting to do its job and jump into the dirt pile. I wish they'd done it two years ago.

I don't see what's incriminating Obama just yet.

I believe there IS material that would incriminate and Blago could sing if he wanted to...but so far this just shows Blago was trying to cook up ideas on how to sell the seat, and appeal to Obama.

He needs to show the administration was negotiating or offering him something, or the liability is all Blago.

This sort of crap goes on all the time in DC and else where in government. Most in goverment are very afraid that We The People are going to find out about it. It's common practice. If Blago wasn’t such ego maniac idiot we would of never heard about this corrupt BS. If he does get any time in jail it will be only for show and he will be paid handsomely for his silence. The deal making isn't over... it's just begun. Blago has a ace in the hole and it's the President of the United States. The payment for his silence may come from over seas investors who have interest to protect with this corrupt goverment. I think when it's all said and done Blago will still get his pay off.

Oh BLAGO! Oh BLAGO you sexy beast! I want to take you to the beach and have a romantic walk and afterwords you can take the sand out of my crack! You too big O! Come along and lets party till the end and what about gay marriage in the windy city. Please!

If there's anyone left who still loves this country and wants to see it go back to being as free as it's always been, as free as it was meant to be, we need to start talking "impeachment". We need to rid ourselves of the Marxist-in-Chief and take our government back from the corrupt, lying elected crooks in congress. Yes, i understand that getting rid of Obummer will make George Soros unhappy, since he's worked so hard, and spent so much, to have his own puppet in the WH. But, it won't be easy. It will require the American people to start thinking for themselves instead of allowing the MSM to think for them. A people who don't have the brains and will to protect their freedom, don't deserve any freedom.

obama has turned out to be the most crooked person to ever walk the white house...

Why we're on the subject of Chicago thug politics, anybody know the latest on the M. Obama patient dumping scandal? Is that how she was barred from praticing law?

This is exactly why I am producing a documentary on Samuel Tilden--and published 2 books on him...This is 1870's Tammany Hall Politics -- the only way to stop it is to audit the state's "real" books. Taxpayers must be sick of they take $5 and get back $1 politics.

It's pretty TRANSPARENT, isn't it... I love that picture of Al Gore on his knee caps, don't you. Such a religious man. Such an honorable man. Democrats ought to start their own Church and then
force us to join it, '-for our own good.'

Obama should be impeached and then tried in a court of law, and if convicted, sentenced to prison.

Am I the only one who doesn't think the recordings with the wife should be admissable? I would like to go to law school to argue points like this one.

It's long past time for this thoroughly corrupt and dishonest man to be impeached.

The interplay of liberal NGO's with Democrat political corruption needs to be investigated and rooted out.

There is obviously something that is going on and has been going on if crooks like Blago repeatedly mention it as a way to channel money into their pockets.

Sadly, it won't happen in THIS administration.

If Ken Burns and / or Oliver Stone is following this, I think a documentary mini-series or movie is in the offing.

'The History of Chicago Politics'. Not only entertaining, but frightening.

no wonder Obama wanted to close Guantanamo - he belongs there. We'd pay for him to have his very own Koran.

"WE THE PEOPLE...." present to you... A NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER 2010!

Come on now.. in Chicago we don't find DEMOCRATS guilty..the courts and media shield them from anyone learning the truth.. look at Chicago's Mayor.. he's been guilty so many times and they STILL can't nail him..
And anyone who knows about what happened isn't at the bottom of the lake that's old stuff.. seems they NOW commit suicide.. been happening frequently as of late.. however I remember when Obama was running and they had 2 guy's who were going to say something against Obama and they were found dead.. at different times of course.. they never caught anyone on those killings either.. fact is the the police were told to NOT bother looking.. hummmm wonder why..
I think the FBI already deleted anything that would go DIRECTLY to Obama..out of fear Obama would bring them up on charges for doing their jobs..

You know, if anything these tapes seem to implicate Obama out of this. All it does is point out how much of an egomaniac Blagoyevich (sp) is. First off, that tibit of conversation is hardly worthy of anything...except that Rob is out of his mind. Why would ANYONE pay for some charity scheme for this guy? Its apparent he has little power, and had little power in the past.

All these conversations point to one thing: Obama and his crew were brushing him off and humoring him. Seeing how the guy loves all this bad publicity (getting a gig at The Apprentice and ads making him more rich than anything he's ever been as Governor) I can see why no one wants to really deal with him.

He's a joke. Throw him in jail. Silence him. He's an attention whore. Stop humoring him.

How do you think the CHOSEN ONE went from Community Organizer (welfare sign up specialists) to $5.7mil ????? You know he didn't sell that many copies of ""Ain't I Great"" books. Anyone who believes he had """"""NO CONTACT"""""" with Blago about his replacement, you need SERIOUS HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is a CONTROLLED TELEPROMPTER.........

Do you people have learning disabilities or are you just plain and stupid? What does a conversation between the blagopipe and Harris have to do with Obama? Keep in mind who created this mess. Who started a war that is costing trillions on lies? Who deregulated the banks (Republicans are all for deregulation) so that they could lend to idiots who live beyond their means? Both parties are full of corrupt scum. That is fact. Unfortunately responsible people like me who save and live well within their means are being punished with low interest rates. If you are looking for a scapegoat and you aren't debt free, look in the mirror because you are the problem.

IMPEACHMENT??? With this congress??? With this senate??? You must be dreaming! Things will REALLY have to turn around this fall and even then with all the gutless and spineless house and senate members left - I wouldn't hold my breath. The biggest threat to this country right now is not Algida, not North Korea, not the Taliban, not Iran. It's the DEMOCRAT PARTY!!! Look what they've done to this country in just 18 months! Now today Obama gets up and gloats "America will no longer be the leading force it the world". These COMMIS need to go NOW!!!!!

Blago was the one left standing without a chair when the music stopped. He'll go to jail and those who found chairs will get hundreds of millions.


It's interesting to read that this goes on all the time. I'm certian it happens more than we know but I'd hope that it doesn't happen that often at the Presidential level. People would like for you to think that Bush did it or that Reagan did it but they didn't. The only people doing something this dumb are the politicians from Chicago. Blogo knows what he said but only in Chicago could a person as guilty as he is believe he did nothing wrong. He's an idiot.

O-crima needs to do this country a huge favor by resigning. It's become a national embarrassment seeing what new corrupt thing this idiot has done. Every day you open the Drudge report and there's yet another sleazy criminal activity Obama is--or was--involved in. What's crazy is that every day I watch the World Cup I see countries playing that are now more honorable and forthright than our once great nation is. For once in my life I'm "not proud" of my country. Choke on that Chewbaca, aka Michele O.

I love God's sense of humor. He let's a thunderstorm blast the president in Chicago while he's visiting Farrakhan. Then he lets Blago humiliate him slowly, one tape at a time. Then he lets a fly land on his lip. And of course, we all know why God made flies. I betcha that fly was sitting on a big pile of dog sh*t before it landed on the commander in chief. Do you think a message is being delivered in a divine way? What's next?

Michelle wears the pants. The whole world knows now. How sweet is that? Ha ha ha!!!....Putz!


I guess we'll eventualyy need the National Enquirer to investigate as the MSM and FBI are protecting these cockroaches. They may get Blago and maybe an aid or two but they will be careful to sterilize incriminating evidence against Obama.

This corruption makes me sick. We have it at the highest levels of state government in Pennsylvania as well and are methodically cleaning house. Don't know who is ahead at this point, us or the rats, lol!

Ha. Democrats don't like paying THEIR fair share of taxes! Hypocrites!
EmmaPeel is right. Obama will be protected by the media elites at any
cost. While I suspect that Rham (and probably Obama)
must have surely known about this, by now the evidence has probably been
shredded and any witnesses are now in cement blocks at the bottom of Lake Michigain.

Impeachment hell - I won't be satisfied until I see Zero, Axelrod, Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, Waxman, et all marched out in handcuffs! Nobody says Republicans don't pull some shenanigans, but there has NEVER been an administration as totally corrupt as this one. Corruption is endemic in the Democrat party and must be stopped. It's up to us to vote these cretins out of office at the first opportunity. That goes for RINO Republicans, too. These people of both parties are little more than power hungry wannabe dictators who believe in their hearts they are smarter and more qualified to run our private affairs better than we are.

Of course all politicians have these type of conversations, however they're not all recorded by the feds. Just a matter of time before this president and everyone else involved is nailed. Rahm, ballerina boy, they're going to LOVE you in the joint, you're next!!! Blago knew he was nailed and will drag as many down with him as possible, why not? He didn't get anyting he wanted, might as well go out looking like a "hero" in taking down this administration, no one is safe!!!

Emma, even if such a videotape existed, it wouldn't hurt Obama. I've always felt that if a video emerged showing him doing lines of coke in the Oval Office, his poll numbers would go up. People love him for what he is, not who he is.

The fly said: "mmm.... somethin' smell REALLY bad here.... Zzzzz"

While this story and the conversations are repugnant to me what is of greater concern is I believe this sort of negotiation goes on all the time, at many levels of government, and while some, as in this case, are blatantly illegal (not the conversations themselves but the topic). Simply, government has become so massive it naturally breeds criminal activity.

I would love a Presidential Executive Order that sweepingly cleans house.

Heck, warren Buffet's Geico Insurance company
doesn't even pay insurance claims for health bills. Why
would Buffet pay millions to Blago.

This is exactly the kind of thing I have written about recently.
These people all know how to work the system from bottom to top and are using foundations to shelter money, promote political agendas tax free and more, as Blago suggests here. Why am I not surprised he specifically mentioned Gates & Buffett?
We need a flat tax with NO exemptions to shut all of this down.

I think I love BLAGO now. He is doing more for Chicago than any ex-disgraced governor could have. I love you man.

We will get OBuma yet. His roaches are starting to come out of the woodwork.

I am renaming my child blago

This is turning into a mini-series to rival anything on the idiot box.

What's next? One can only imagine .... the summer is just beginning and like Watergate all those years ago no one believed or even knew the details. Now with the internet they come daily and revised hourly.

Here we go again.

Unless they have videotape of Obama personally exchanging cash for political favors...this investigation is going nowhere...

What a corrupt bunch of people. All they want is money and power.This is a disgrace and they need to be prosecuted.. ALL OF THEM.

Obama can resign or plan on joining Blago in his cell!!! Impeachment is not too far down the road and it is high time for the people of the USA to demand it!!!

If ever a President deserved IMPEACHMENT it is Obama ! If they impeached Clinton for "lying" about a sexual escapade and took his law license this 2 bit Chicago huster certainly needs to GO ! He is a shame to this country ! Bribery, special backroom deals on "ObamaCare", Sesak etc....a pattern of impeachable offenses

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