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Blagojevich on secret tapes: Here are the tapes

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Here are the transcripts and audio recordings played in court today, Tuesday, June 29.





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@Jeff, who asked: "Where is the 'bleeping golden' tape??"

My reaction, exactly. But I hunted around some more and found it on the June 30th set of released transcript and tapes. Here's a direct link:

It's worth listening to. Right before he makes the famous golden comment, he's been joking with Scofield, so the defense could almost claim that the golden comment was nothing more than a joke, but as Blago keeps going and talking right after the golden comment, you can tell he's not kidding. He wants something really good in return for the Senate appointment.

In the 1050am tape (transcript 11 12 2008)Rod says to Patti that he could he could appoint himself to be Senator then ask fellow Senator Durbin to derail the investigation surrounding Rod. You know, another Senate perk. Feeling guilty, Rod?

Then Rod and Patti say twice:"What’s best for us. Right. First and foremost. On the legal front, the, you know, the personal front, and the political front. In that order. Right. Legal front, personal front, political front. In that order. Right."
Then Rod says to Patti: "You know, neither one of us did anything wrong." Question, Rod. Why did you spend 1.5 m from your campaign fund on legal help and try to hide and delay the reporting of the disbursement? Why is the legal front so important?

Where is the "bleeping golden" tape??

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