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Blagojevich lawyer to Monk: 'You want your deal, don't you . . .' Then, Monk leaves witness stand

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with Natasha Korecki

After three-and-a-half days of testimony, Lon Monk -- a star prosecution witness and Rod Blagojevich's former close friend -- is off the witness stand.

The prosecution didn't take long on its follow-up questions to Monk, and Sam Adam Jr. had only one follow-up after that.

Adam's final line of inquiry, however, clearly was designed to leave jurors with the impression that Monk can't be trusted and simply was saying what the government wanted so he could shorten his future time in prison.

Monk -- under prosecution questioning -- had just asserted that seats on state boards and commissions were being traded for $25,000 campaign contributions to Blagojevich's campaign fund.

Adam then approached Monk and asked Monk whether he'd said the opposite of that in a Feb. 17, 2009, interview with a federal prosecutor and the FBI.

"You want your [plea-bargain] deal again, don't you Mr. Monk?" Adam said.

Monk indicated he couldn't recall what he said during that interview. So Adam showed Monk a transcript and asked him again.

"You did not recall that there was ever a specific contribution amount" for a board and commission seat, Adam said. "Isn't that what you told them."

"Yes," Monk replied.

With that, Monk's testimony was over.

Moments after getting off the witness stand, Monk waited for an elevator on the 25th floor.
He rubbed his face, paced around and stared at the floor. He then held his hand to his face and sighed deeply.

In the courthouse lobby, he declined to comment.

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