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Blagojevich lawyer questions Monk about Rep. Jackson

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Blagojevich lawyer Sam Adam Jr. is trying to make a point to jurors that Blagojevich instructed Lon Monk not to return a telephone call from U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) around the time Blagojevich had the sole authority to fill President Obama's former U.S. Senate seat.

In a secretly recorded call in 2008, Monk told Blagojevich, "Yeah, you know, Jesse Jr.'s starting to call me now, and I'm not returning his call."

Monk, in a different conversation, brings up the subject again. Blagojevich tells Monk to "by no means" return the call.

"Yeah, he's gonna, he'll offer fund-raising and all kinds of stuff," Blagojevich is later heard saying.

Adam today seized on that statement.

"On this phone call, he [Blagojevich] doesn't tell you, 'Lon this is a chance for you to make a score,'" Adam said. "He doesn't tell you, "Maybe we can put some in our pocket like the old days.'

"He tells you not to do it," Adam concluded.

"Correct," Monk replies.

Expect this to be something prosecutors tackle on re-direct. They've introduced evidence that suggests that Blagojevich rebuffed Jackson's initial inquiries about the Senate seat because Jackson didn't endorse Blagojevich for governor in 2003.

Jackson has maintained he did nothing inappropriate regarding the Senate seat and is prepared to testify to that in court.

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What year did JJJ start informing for the fed's??? It was just after Milorad hit him up for $25,000 to give his wife a job, 2004? Why didn't the fed's charge him with that?

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