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Blagojevich jurors banned from tweeting, emailing, chat rooms ...

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Before dismissing them for the day, U.S. District Judge James Zagel just warned jurors they are not allowed to communicate by any means, about the case.

And with all the technology today, that's a long list.

Zagel said that includes, in person, by phone, by email, chat room, blog, Web site or a similar feature.

"I don't want you to communicate with anyone in any way ... about this case or anything to do with it," Zagel warned. "Do not make any investigation or try to learn about the case on your own," he said. "I'm sure by the end of this trial you will learn more than perhaps you want than when the case began."

With that, they were dismissed until Monday.

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Don't make any investigation or try to learn about the case on your own, huh? Hm.

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