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Blagojevich defense takes on "F------ Golden tape."

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Defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein takes on the infamous "f------ golden," tape with government witness Doug Scofield, who was on the other end of that call.

Goldstein points out that time and again in the call, Scofield says "yeah" or "right" in response to Rod Blagojevich's talk about what he could get in exchange for the Senate seat appointment.

Goldstein is asking Scofield to explain what Blagojevich means when he says:
"I mean, I've got this thing and it's f----- golden."

Scofield: "This thing was his ability to appoint a senator and by golden he meant it was very valuable.

Goldstein notes Scofield didn't cut off the then-Governor.

Instead, Scofield responds: "right."

Goldstein is trying to get across the message that Scofield continued to talk to Blagojevich about the Senate seat -- on this Nov. 5, 2008 call -- and in other calls.

Goldstein asked if Scofield over the numerous conversations was encouraging Blagojevich's efforts to get something in exchange for the Senate seat.

"He may have certainly taken it as encouragement, I certainly didn't mean it as encouragement," Scofield said.

Scofield said while it appeared he was agreeing with Blagojevich's efforts on the recordings, he didn't mean what he was saying.

Goldstein asks: "You were there ... I guess what you're saying is that you're lying to the governor?"

Scofield: "I was telling him what I thought he wanted to hear."

Goldstein: "Is your testimony that you were placating the governor?"

Scofield agrees.

Goldstein then asks: "So it's your understanding that Rod Blagojevich was trying to trade this job for a job and you said: 'yeah?'"

He's not allowed to answer.

"Were you concerned at all during this time, that you were agreeing with him about this issue?" Goldstein asks.

Scofield is blocked from answering.

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Re: Obama as more Tony'd up than the guv...

Know we know why Rezko won't be testifying...

This may have been the tape that everyone was waiting for but I prefer the one where he states that Barack was more "Tony'd" up than him.

BLAGOJEVICH I thin-, you know, it’s really, I get that I’m a big boy and I can handle that, but it’s really f***ing galling, this guy is more Tony’d up than I am. And it’s almost like they f***ing conspi-, made a concerted effort and they got the Chicago...

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