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Blagojevich defense: Doug Scofield encouraged Blagojevich and helped him -- but he wasn't charged

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Funny moment in the trial when Judge James Zagel is trying to guide defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein on how to ask a question.

Zagel tells Goldstein to ask: "Did you expect to accomplish anything?"

Goldstein pauses: "I must confess: could you repeat the question?"

The courtroom gallery laughs.

"Thhhhhaaaat one," Goldstein says to the witness, Doug Scofield.

We are entering a slow zone in the trial, where Goldstein is time again making a point to show where Scofield appears to be agreeing with Rod Blagojevich's ideas -- and openly encourages them on various recordings.

A couple of people in the gallery are actually asleep.

Goldstein appears to be scoring some points, flagging various conversations where Scofield has to admit he's either lying to Blagojevich or placating him.

In 2008, Scofield talked to Blagojevich about 20 times.

They were "more memorable than you can probably imagine," Scofield said.

Goldstein: "Is it fair to say you took action to help out Rod Blagjoevich?"

"I think that's fair to say," Scofield said.

"Mr. Scofield, you didn't do anything wrong, did you?" Goldstein asked.

Zagel cuts him off: "I think I've said before we're not in the interest of legal opinions of witnesses."

On Dec.9, 2008, FBI came to Scofield's home at 6:25 a.m. Scofield answered their questions and cooperated.

"I'm not sure it's a visit anyone would like to have," Scofield said.

Goldstein: "Mr. Scofield, have you ever been charged with any crime in connection with this?"

"No sir, I haven't."

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