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Blagojevich charms courtroom artists

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As we wait in the empty courtroom, Rod is flirting with the courtroom artists. He's smiling and trying to charm them from the defendant's table as they stare at him to sketch. In minutes, he's laughing and they appear charmed.

"That's why he won the governorship," Sam Adam Sr. says, laughing.

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Ms. Koredki -

Do you watch TV? Have you ever seen "The Apprentices"? Or Dabid Letterman's show? Or listened to Mr blagojevuich's radio show?

You clearly have not.

This man doesn't need to charm anyone, especially some courtroom artist. The man oozes charisma and charm. Yes, that's why he was elected governor and why he managed to land a beautiful wife! It all comes naturally when you're JUST THAT GOOD.

The liberals can't stand that!!! Free The Governor.

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