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Attorney: Emanuel would say Blagojevich is innocent

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As dozens of reporters still await the former governor's arrival this morning, we've so far only heard from one of his lawyers.

Shelly Sorosky said the defense wants Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett to take the stand because they'll say Rod Blagojevich didn't do anything wrong.

"We are certainly looking forward to their testimony," Sorosky said. "I think (Emanuel) will perhaps relay the governor didn't do anything wrong or criminally wrong."

Rod and Rob Blagojevich are expected to arrive just before the 11 a.m. start time on jury selection.

The U.S. Marshals used yellow tape to cordon off an area for Blagojevich to walk into the federal building and presumably to keep us in the media from trampling one another.

It looks like crime scene tape.

Not exactly a red carpet.

There are some people from the public, holding cell phones and awaiting his arrival. One is shouting something nonsensical about Donald Trump's building. Another is carrying a home-made sign, white poster board with black writing.

"If a man can't talk crap in his own home, then take my husband please!"

Another woman is holding a sign: "Rod's not cuckoo, Rod's not guilty."

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If Rahm or Valerie said anything else they would be implicating themselves and they are Not going to do that.

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