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Afternoon recap

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Here's the Sun-Times' afternoon report on what the prosecution had to say. And here's the response from the defense.

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A few questions for Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald, which I believe the public has the right to know, to judge whether or not, justice for all is the goal of this trial.
1. Tony Rezko was convicted but never sentenced. Why was Rezko never sentenced or was he sentenced secretly????
2. What is Rezko burying in terms of the President? What is he burying in terms of Rod Blagojevich?
3. Has the prosecution responded to the Blagojevich discovery motion to turn over notes and any any recordings of the interview conducted by the FBI and DOJ with Barack Obama himself???
4. Is Blagojevich being "selectively" prosecuted as Democratic pollster Pat Cadell and Lyndon LaRouche have suggested?
5. What does Mr. Fitzgerald have from Mr. Rezko that could exonerate Mr. Blagojevich?
6. Is Blagojevich a patsy for the benefit of Obama?
7. And last but not least, did Obama have a preferred candidate? Did Obama make any offers for his preferred candidate, assuming that that might be Valerie Jarret?

So, Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald, you can jog, but you cannot hide. You owe the public the answers to the above questions. If you are a man of justice, and not a man of political expediency and manipulation, you will have no trouble answering the seven above questions. Thank you very much!

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