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Blagojevich on secret tapes: Here are the tapes

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Natasha; I know it's far fetched and I tend to lean toward conspiracies but what are the odds that Rezko really isn't cooperating? That the feds used him as a ruse to get others to cooperate? It's not like they're above letting out false information to the press...Has there been any press that have been allowed to interview him since his conviction? If not, why not?
Thanks for what you do, you are very much appreciated, this is way better than a beach book!!!

They have not said they have and I would doubt it anyway. But yes, they are allowed to try.

Hey Natasha; I was wondering, do you know if the defense has contactd Tony Rezko for an interview or deposition? Are they allowed to?

Gerald I couldn't agree more and isn't it funny that there are sooo few places that are reporting this motion...There was NO mention of it in the Trib...One of many campaign promises made by Barack was "transparency", and he broke this promise before he even got into office.

A very simple question should now be asked which only a certain individual (and not his hairdresser) can answer for sure.
Since the combined information now made public both from tapes played so far at the trial and as well as from direct testimony elicited so far at the trial, from such varied people as John Harris,Tom Balanoff, John Wyma, Rahm Emmanuel and who know how many others not yet heard from ALREADY PROVES BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that BARACK OBAMA LIED IN HIS STATEMENT QUOTED in the Chicago Sun-Times in December, 2008, to wit, "no representative of mine would have any part of any deals related to this seat."
The question, which only Obama himself can answer, is DID HE ALSO PERJURE HIMSELF.?? He did have a 2 hour interview with 2 FBI AGENTS and 2 US ATTORNYS, in December, 2008.
In the interest of honesty and hiding nothing, would President Obama come forward, and tell the world, if he told the truth, the whole truth, and only the truth in that 2 hour interview.????
If he will not, I believe that Judge Zagel must release the full records of the FBI 302 summaries of that interview, so that the defendant and the public may fully be confident that justice for all is being truly served.

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