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Blagojevich trial: Fund-raising faltered as feds closed in

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Lon Monk is now describing meetings in 2008 where Blagojevich and those close to him would pore over fund-raising lists and set goals for the end of the year.

How high was Blagojevich's fund-raising goal in 2008?
"As high as possible," Monk said.

That's because the ethics law would take effect in 2009, stifling the then-governor's ability to tap into anyone who did significant business with the state.

The sheets of paper jurors are seeing show past donors and had a "low projection" of $2.5 million and a high projection at $3.3 million.

Though Monk was a lobbyist at the time and no longer working for Rod Blagojevich, he still said he played a role in helping raise money for the then-governor. Otherwise their relationship would be "strained," he said.

Monk said Blagojevich pushed them to raise money but they ran into brick walls.
The next election wasn't for another two years.

"A lot of people we were asking for money didn't see a need to be donating money," Monk said.

Plus, there was a presidential election.

"We had Barack Obama in Chicago running for president," and they were hitting up some of the same people, Monk said.

And one more reason: "The economy was not good and there were federal investigations that I'm sure was concerning donors," Monk said.

Blagojevich could not use the money for anything he wanted if he didn't run for governor in 2010.

He could donate it to another candidate or create political action fund or some other entity to promote various issues, Monk said.

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