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Inside the Rod Blagojevich investigation and related cases

The Blagojevich combatants. Here's a primer on the Blago lawyers.

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The former governor's trial begins in just three days -- who are the main players in the case? Here's a primer on the defense and prosecution.

Sam Adam Jr. and Sam Adam Sr.

BLAGOJEVICH'S DEFENSE: Sam Adam Jr. says prosecutors "think I'm a clown."
He'll deliver opening statements. But his veteran father, Sam Adam, will put the former governor on the stand because he's "more detail-oriented." For their story
, click here.

From left: Michael Ettinger, Cheryl Schroeder and Rob Blagojevich

Robert Blagojevich's lawyer, Michael Ettinger, has to distinguish his client from his brother, without taking shots at the former governor. For that story, click here.

Reid Schar and Carrie Hamilton stand behind U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

THE PROSECUTION: Reid Schar, Chris Niewoehner and Carrie Hamilton haven't engaged in the Blagojevich circus, sticking to just the facts, ma'am. They're tasked with weaving together wide-ranging narratives, some of which involve Tony Rezko. But Rezko isn't slotted to take the stand. For that story, click here.

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Repeat question, that has remained unanswered.
How can Fitzgerald and His Team Represent the People of
the Northern District of Illinois, and the interests of
Rahm Emmanuel and his side-kick President Obama at the
same time. Especially, in case it turns out, some of
the discussions and activities of Rahm and his side-kick,
may be potentially the subject of the same crime which
Blago is being charged with.
So, don't Rahm and Obama need seperate lawyers,
since their names are such prominent ones in the case.
If it is Fitz and his team representing those two,
aren't they in a severe conflict of interest potentially????
Only asking, no one seems to want to answer? Why?

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