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AP: No delay in Blagojevich trial

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From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court has denied ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's request to delay his corruption trial.
The decision by Justice John Paul Stevens came shortly after the Obama adminstration opposed Blagojevich's request. The trial is now scheduled to begin June 3.
Blagojevich had asked the high court to delay his trial until the justices rule first in pending cases about the constitutionality of the federal honest-services fraud law. Prosecutors have charged Blagojevich with violating the fraud law and other crimes.

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Welcome to Club Fed, you royal JackAss!

Dose anyone else hear that sound; you know the sound of justice working. Rod got his wish, and now will have the opportunity to plead his case of innocents, just like he has been saying on his paid statewide media tour. And unlike the average taxpayer Rod has been given every professional courtesy and more within the letter of the law. I hope if he is found guilty that he is given the maximum sentence of 20 years; not only for betraying the Illinois taxpayers but also to send a clear message to the rest of the corrupted so called political gangsters that business as usual will no longer tolerated in Illinois, and government services paid for by the taxpayers can no longer be sold to the highest bidder. I would like to see clemency taken from the governors office, and the Prisoner Review Board, and given back to the sentencing judge with specific guidelines for what the state considers real atonement, and rehabilitation. Because allowing 2500 petitions to sit on the governors desk for 10 years with no timeline or accountability to those deserving is a crime; especially those of us with families to support. The only two petitions in ten years Rod did sign on his last day of office were for a homeless man and Tony Rieko who at the time was under indictment. This is the type of arrogates the average tax payer can expect from governors office and the Prisoner Review Board who serve only the governor not those who are in need of support. And why should they care; they are accountable to absolutely no one. It is time to take the power from the evil, and give it back to those who serve justice. To law enforcement God bless you and thank you for trying to protect the taxpayers when those in office could care less whether or not we are being treated fairly.

Who are the lawyers representing Rahm Emmanuel and his sidekick President Obama? Do they have the same lawyers? Are they government lawyers or private lawyers? Might they not come into conflict if their memories of particular events differ?
These are some serious questions, which I and tens of millions of other people would like answered right about now. Thank you for your attentiveness to these matters!!

Let the fun begin...This is going to be the best summer ever - watching Rod fry day in and day out.

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