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Waiting on Blagojevich

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A crowd of TV, print and radio reporters are assembled here, outside of Sam Adam and Sam Adam Jr.'s office on the South Side, awaiting Rod Blagojevich.
It's a residential street and kind of an odd site for a presser, as noted by a couple of neighbors who can be heard calling friends on their cell phones to talk about the giant media trucks clogging up their street.

This is also the locale where burglars a few months ago stole some laptops used by lawyers in the case.

Blagojevich is scheduled to speak at precisely 5:03 p.m. (whether the notoriously late former governor will hit this remains to be seen) catering to TV cameras and hoping he'll be carried live -- from the South Side.
Sources say he's supposed to talk some more about having all the tapes played during his trial. The news conference comes not too long after Blagojevich's lawyers told Judge James Zagel they wanted to keep a key document in the investigation under seal because they didn't want the "case tried in the media."

Blagojevich isn't expected to talk long, nor is he expected to take any questions.

One of the attorneys just came out to tell us: "5:03 -- exactly."
"We don't believe you!" one of the camera people shouted back."

We'll see.

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