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Sources to Sun-Times: Rezko unlikely to be called as witness in Blagojevich trial

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Tony Rezko, the once prolific fund-raiser and friend of President Obama, is unlikely to be called as a witness in Rod Blagojevich's trial, sources say.
Rezko, who was a key figure in Blagojevich's administration, does not have a cooperation agreement with the government.
He was convicted in 2008, but still has one other outstanding fraudulent loan case in the federal courthouse.
Rezko had been providing information to federal prosecutors starting back in 2008. But he's not been prepped to testify in Blagojevich's trial, sources say.
Prosecutors, however, have not completely closed the door on the possibility, they say.

From today's story:
Here are some of the people likely to play a role -- or not play a role -- in Rod Blagojevich's June 3 trial, based on the 91-page evidentiary proffer filed by government prosecutors and Sun-Times interviews:

* Lon Monk: Blagojevich's Pepperdine Law School roommate, jogging buddy and former chief of staff. Pleaded guilty in the case.

* John Wyma: Uncharged, longtime friend who alerted feds to alleged schemes in 2008, helping to secure secret wiretaps. "Lobbyist A" in court filings.

* John Harris: Blagojevich chief of staff who pleaded guilty in the case.

* Bob Greenlee: "Deputy Gov. A" in the document. Has not been charged.

* Stuart Levine: Key witness in Rezko trial, former member of two state boards. Pleaded guilty to numerous schemes.

* Tony Rezko: Convicted influence peddler figures prominently in the 91-page document but not a word is attributed to him. Sources say, as of now, Rezko does not have a cooperation deal with the feds and is unlikely to be called as a prosecution witness.

* Raghu Nayak: U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s alleged "emissary" accused of relaying a $1.5 million offer to Blagojevich for a Jackson appointment.

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What has happened to Stuart Lavine...Has he been sentenced?
They are going to have to make a deal with Rezko, he's the one that got all the wheel's in motion...but his pending trial could be a little difficult unless the Vegas Hotel's where he bounced the checks are willing to negotiate as well.
WILL, the fed's ever explain WHY they prematurly arrested Blagojevich??? REALLY...In the middle of heated negotiations over the Senate seat they arrest him, it's not like he was a flight risk or there were statutes of limitations pending...Fitzgerald especially has never before seemed the type to rush...

Natasha, will the fed's ever bring indictments against Frawley, Alsammarae and Rezko in the Companion Security case....Alsammarae made a political run in Iraq with little to no local press and Frawley is still claiming to be employed by Companion Security...yet no phone number listed, no office, no fax, website or company asset's can be found for this front company...WHAT is up with that??? Also Frawley is a "fan" of Alsammarae on Facebook...

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