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Illinois fired Rod Blagojevich, but taxpayers still on the hook for his legal bills

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Rod Blagojevich was fired from his job as the state's governor.
But Illinois taxpayers will likely have to pay up to an estimated $500,000 in legal bills for Blagojevich after his $2.8 million campaign fund runs out.
The U.S. District Clerk of Court told the Chicago Sun-Times there's less than $1.4 million left in Blagojevich's campaign fund, which is being used to cover his lawyers bills.
Even though they're being paid the same rate as a public defender -- $110 an hour --
the former governor's lawyers agree the campaign fund will dry up before the trial is over.
Read more: "When Blagojevich's campaign cash runs out, who'll get stuck paying his legal tab? Us."

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