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Feds wants documents, testimony from Blagojevich general counsel

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The onetime general counsel to then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich has refused to turn over documents subpoenaed by the federal government, saying he needs the former governor to waive attorney-client privilege, a federal court filing reveals.
Federal prosecutors want the onetime general counsel for the governor's office, William Quinlan, to turn over documents and to testify in this summer's trial, according to today's filing in federal court.
But the filing says that Quinlan, through his attorney: "refused to disclose communications that Quinlan believes could be subject to a claim of privilege by Blagojevich."
They've asked a judge in a filing todayto find that any attorney-client privileges involving Blagojevich be waived and to compel Quinlan to comply with the trial subpoenas.
Blagojevich is set to go to trial June 3.
Quinlan needs a waiver from Blagojevich in order to meet with the feds and turn over documents, the filing says. While Blagojevich has said he wouldn't assert privilege, his defense team sent Quinlan a letter adding caveats to how Quinlan should proceed with any government meeting, according to today's filing.
Prosecutors said they've treated recorded conversations with Quinlan differently than other evidence in the case. They set up a "filter team" of separate Assistant U.S. Attorneys who handled that evidence, apart from the hundreds of other secret FBI recordings in Blagojevich's case. That team turned over recordings to the defense, according to the filing, and allowed Blagojevich lawyers to determine which recordings were subject to privilege and therefore couldn't be shared with the prosecution team.

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Who did Quinlan really work for??? Did Milorad Blagojevich pay him? Was he payed with campaign funds??? OR was it the people of Illinois??? If he was payed with tax payer money, he works for the people of Illinois NOT Milorad Blagojevich...If my company has a lawyer on the payroll and I confide in him sensitive information, he has no legal obligation to me but to my boss or owner of the company who is paying him.

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