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Blagojevich's security detail subpoenaed: Daily Herald

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Daily Herald political reporter Joseph Ryan reports today that Rod Blagojevich's security detail was subpoenaed last year by the federal grand jury probing the former governor.
According to the story, published today, the subpoena focuses in on documents from May 12 to May 20, 2008.
From the Daily Herald report: "The week targeted by the request includes a run-up to the end of the General Assembly's session in Springfield, typically a frantic period when legislation is flying through both chambers and budget negotiations are at full tilt. Of note, lawmakers were working on final language for a pay-to-play ban targeting Blagojevich for raising lots of cash from state contractors."
The story goes on to say that it "also was the same week that a jury began deliberations in the corruption trial of Tony Rezko, Blagojevich's top fundraiser and a close adviser."

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That's because Levine was on the witness stand in the Rezko trial, testifying repeatedly about Blagojevich being on the receiving end of all their "pay to play" activity...His testimony had to have Milorad shaking in his boot's, provoking him to make some kind of defensive move...
If you go to the SunTimes archives and pull up the article's of the Rezko trial during the month of April, 2008, you can see how scared Milorad must have been.

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