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Blagojevich judge rules to unseal key evidentiary document

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U.S. District Judge James Zagel just issued an order granting "immediate access" to an evidentiary document in the case and denies the defense's request to black out portions of it.
The order responds to a petition by major news outlets to make the document public.
He has not actually put the proffer into the public domain yet though.
We are all eagerly awaiting.
Zagel says in his ruling: "The case for redaction has to be proven not presumed. It is not proven here. If the excerpt of a conversation would have a different meaning if more of the conversation were to be reproduced, the defendants here can reproduce it if either believes that the additional language would help defeat the claim of admissibility made by the prosecution."
Defense lawyers called the document misleading.

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This is getting interesting! How will Milorad spin this???

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