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Blagojevich brother asks for separate trial

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A day after the prosecution laid out its case against the former governor, his brother files a request for a separate trial, saying he doesn't want to suffer through the "spill over" effect of his brother's alleged sins.
"The publicity and media exposure regarding Rod Blagojevich will distract the jury's focus
of the case and the evidence against Robert Blagojevich," Rob Blagojevich's attorney, Michael Ettinger, said in a filing today.
A new defense filing is brief, but Robert Blagojevich says he got involved too late in the game to belong at the same trial.
"The conspiracy ran for approximately 84 months, the last four months of which
Robert Blagojevich was allegedly associated," wrote Robert Blagojevich's "Robert Blagojevich's alleged involvement translates into approximately 5% of the 84-month conspiracy."

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It doesn't matter that Robert Blagojevich wasn't involved in his brother's politics until four months before the former governor's arrest, prosecutors say. He still belongs at the same trial. In a filing today, prosecutors said "there is virtually no ... Read More

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