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In a news conference outside his lawyers' South Side office, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich outright asked for a showdown with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.
Blagojevich said he would go to court tomorrow and he hoped Fitzgerald "was man enough to be there too."
He called federal prosecutors "cowards and liars," for "hitting below the belt" and lodging allegations against his wife, Patti, last week as well as for opposing his playing all the secret FBI tapes in court.
"They're now hitting below the belt and attacking my wife," Rod Blagojevich said of allegations last week that his wife, whom he referred to as "a licensed professional" was essentially a ghost pay-roller for convicted political fixer Tony Rezko. Blagojevich spoke directly to Patrick Fitzgerald, essentially challenging the U.S. Attorney to show up to the courthouse tomorrow and talk about playing all the tapes.
U.S. District Judge James Zagel has previously entered a ruling barring all of the tapes in the case from being played.
Blagojevich's remarks, broadcast live on at least three TV channels, come after federal prosecutors made public last week a key document in the case, revealing that some of the former governor's closest friends have been talking to prosecutors for months.
Here's what he said:
"Last week in their proffer of lies, they're now hitting below the belt and attacking my wife. They are cowards and they are liars.
Patti is a devoted mother. She's a loving wife. She's a licensed professional, she is capable, she is competent. All the money that she earned she worked for and paid taxes on.
And while they were lying on her last week, they're now sneaking into court tomorrow, to file a motion to try to keep all the tapes from being heard.
They know when all those tapes are going to be played, they will show I've done nothing wrong, they'll prove my innocence and that Patti did nothing wrong.
The second reason they're doing this, is the reason they know and we know: there's a smoking gun on those tapes and the smoking gun is that the government is covering up the big lie that Fitzgerald gave to the world when he had me arrested on December the 9th and he told the whole world that he heard tapes and he heard telephone conversations and had to arrest a sitting governor because he was: 'stopping a crime spree before it happened.' That is a lie. And the reason they won't play all those tapes is because they're covering up that big lie that foreseeably led to a chain of events that stole a governor from the people of Illinois and undid the will of the people.
I challenge Mr. Fitzgerald. Why don't you show up in court tomorrow and explain to everybody, say to the whole world why you don't want those tapes that you made played in court.
I'll be in court tomorrow, I hope you're man enough to be there tomorrow, too."
There is a previously scheduled court status in the case tomorrow at noon.
Assistant U.S. Attorneys who are trying the case will be there. Fitzgerald isn't expected to be.
Blagojevich's comments were forceful but brief. He took no questions.
One reporter shouted: "Are you attempting to influence the jury pool?"
He continued walking back into his lawyers' office, without answering.
A news release from his PR people created some anticipation, saying Blagojevich was expected to make: "the strongest public statement to date concerning the charges he is facing."
The former governor's comments come after Blagojevich's lawyers told Judge James Zagel two weeks ago they wanted to keep a key document in the investigation under seal because they didn't want the case "tried in the media."
Prosecutors yesterday entered a series of filings in the case, including a request that defense lawyers be barred from telling jurors that the government wouldn't let Blagojevich play all the tapes at trial.
Prosecutors noted that it was up to Zagel to decide which recordings would be played in the case. Zagel has said that if Blagojevich takes the witness stand, he will more than likely play whatever recordings he chooses.

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BLAGO sounds right! Play all the tapes and then see if he is really guilty and if he is, he should face all the punishments allowed by law. i don't think u can lock up someone for dozens of yrs just by listening to few conversations!

why the prosecutors should fear if you got truth? play all the tapes so there is a fair trial!

Here's a parody of Blago doing a video blog about Patty, Fitzgerald and the 19 count inditement!

He had his chance to make a deal and save himself a lengthy prison stay. Too late. His actions since this all started make him appear to be nothing more than a narcisistic sociopath. Come sentencing time, his lack of remourse and arrogance will not go unnoticed to a federal judge. He will be made an example of and will grow old in a federal prison.

Note: as of 10 minutes ago, the photo accompanying this article was a superimposed image of Blagojevich in a cowboy outfit, not the current image

Note: as of 10 minutes ago, the photo accompanying this article was a superimposed image of Blagojevich in a silly cowboy outfit, not the current image

What he's asking is fair: lets hear the dirty laundry on those tapes and the evidence that was so damning that our sitting governor had to be arrested and removed immediately. I want to know exactly what disaster the feds were 'saving' us from. Its easy to blame Blago for all the cultural and political challenges we face in Illinois today especially when we're subjected to an abundance of weak and ineffective journalism, an example of which is the above article with ridiculous picture intact. As they did for the Bush Administration in the leadup to the war in Iraq, reporters fail us when they take the easiest of paths and take government charges and presumptions for granted. Natasha, lose the clown angle to these Blago stories and do some real objective work; be a journalist.

Blago-rebante pezda

The following excerpt is from a Sun Times article on 12/11/2008. Jesse Jackson Junior is Senate Candidate 5. Jackson approached Blagojevich with an offer, and Fitzgerald immediately stopped the investigation. It seems that Fitzgerald is guilty of a coverup and obstruction of justice, because it is a crime to bribe the Governor of Illinois, even if you are Jesse Jackson's son.

""In a recorded conversation on October 31, 2008, Rod Blagojevich described an earlier approach by an associate of Senate Candidate Five as follows: 'We were approached "pay to play." That, you know, he'd raise me 500 grand. An emissary came. Then the other guy would raise a million, if I made him [Senate Candidate 5] a senator,' " the complaint states."

I would like to say that Blago is innocent before proven guilty, but what about the daming tapes? I mean this was enough to have him removed from office. This was an office he represented for the people, and the people he was suppose to be working for. Instead it appears Blago betrayed that oath of office, and betrayed the people of Illinois, which seems to have an all too familiar ring to it. Now Blago goes on reality TV shows, and try to use his smug attitude by twisting what he did all around, and pin it on the federal prosecutors. Reality TV is not going to save Mr Blago, and it may help with his financial obligations to his attorney, or it may just go into his bank account, and the tax payers will have to flip for that bill as well. People like Blago and Octo mom are what is wrong with society today, we seem to reward bad behavior and turn crooks and users into stars, and it allows others to feel there are benefits to breaking the law or using someone to get rich.

Sorry Blago, Fitzgerald didn't steal a governor from the people....he stopped the governor from stealing FROM the people. You are calling them liars? Perhaps we need to send you a present, A MIRROR, look in it and then you will see what us citizens see, a liar and a thief. Do I feel badly for your children, you bet I do. Do I feel badly for you and Mrs. Blago? Not a chance. You have both broken the law. You have both lied and stolen from the people that once trusted you. You have made a mockery of the government and made it so as soon as people say they are from IL, they laugh at us. That guy on the Apprentice was right, you are a disgrace. You used that show, the same as Patty used I'm a celebrity as a podium, just like everyone was betting you guys would do. Boo hoo....they don't like me; boo hoo....they are point fingers at me. buddy, you and Mrs. blago did it yourselves, and deserve everything you have gotten since, and everything you will both get in the future. How many families did you guys attack while stealing money that should have gone to children and families. SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU, YOU ARE BOTH DISGRACES, ESPECIALLY HER, AS A MOTHER, HOW DOES SHE TEACH THE KIDS WRONG FROM RIGHT WHEN YOU TWO PARENTS DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.?

Oh Blago, just tell them that Barack took kickbacks for the 2003 Facilities Planning Board legislation, and no one will touch Patty. That's what they're saying. Can't you hear?

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