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Rod Blagojevich lawyers to argue today for trial delay

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The judge presiding over Rod Blagojevich's case is likely to give some direction today on when the former governor's corruption trial will begin. Blagojevich wants the June 3rd trial moved to November. Prosecutors say it should go on as planned.
Prosecutors might bring up the fact that at the same time Blagojevich's lawyers complain they don't have enough time to prepare for trial, their client appeared on "Celebrity Apprentice" and "The Late Show," with David Letterman last week.
But Blagojevich's lawyers have said the former governor, ousted from his public post last year, is taking part in the media stints to make money.

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Operation Crooked Code Update: Petru Cladovan
The feds, prosecutors, and judge finally admit and conclude amid all set forth charges that Petru Cladovan is and was innocent AND ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED today 3/30/2010. Petru Cladovan was found that he never had intent and/or knowledge of any bribes and all accusation were misinterpretation of twisted perfected lies by so called "expeditor", who was forced to start operating, as a mole with the feds, and with whom orchestrated this entrapment only to reduce her possible charges sentence of 130yrs if convicted. This same "expeditor" ironically under oath admitted and testified that Petru Cladovan had no implication nor knowledge of her illegal business transactions and that all business between her and Petru Cladovan were 100% LEGAL and legit!!! It is only fair to say that after two long years of false accusations, wrongfully indicted, and defamation not limited to by the government and by media to Petru Cladovan and his family, the truth and innocent prevails.

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