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Prosecutors say Blagojevich shouldn't get trial delay

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Rod Blagojevich, who made his debut Sunday night as a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice," asked for a trial delay last week.
Today, prosecutors said in a filing that the former governor should get no such delay.
Blagojevich asked that the trial be moved from June 3 to November for two reasons: 1) the Supreme Court might strike down a statute that will get rid of some of the charges in his case; 2) Blagojevich says he's just recently gotten a mountain of evidence in his case that he has to go through and won't be prepared in time.
Prosecutors said today those reasons don't hold water.
"Defendants are always better off having charges dismissed and not facing
verdict on the charges, and are never prejudiced by such dismissal," prosecutors wrote. "Put simply, it is difficult to see how the defendant is prejudiced by proceeding to trial on
June 3rd based on his argument that he could face fewer charges at the time of
verdict than he does at the beginning of the case."
As for the evidence, prosecutors said they turned it over to the defense weeks before the deadline set by presiding U.S. District Judge James Zagel.
There's a hearing in the case Wednesday.

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