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Northwestern student: Blagojevich on ethics akin to Tiger Woods on fidelity

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Rod Blagojevich is now answering questions from a three-member panel.
That includes Don Gordon, Northwestern University adjunct lecturer and polical analyst.
Gordon tells Blagojevich that when the school announced Blagojevich was invited to talk about ethics, it drew criticism from students.
Gordon told the ex-governor the student wrote that: "having you to come here and talk about ethics was akin to bringing Tiger Woods here to talk about fidelity."
Gordon asked Blagojevich how he could say he was a reformer when he took huge amounts of money from corporations, raising unprecedented amounts of money.
Blagojevich talked for some time, wandering off the topic.
Gordon pings him for not answering the question and the audience laughs.

An addendum: the Northwestern student who drew the Woods-Blagojevich parallel was Benjamin Bear. His Facebook wall post: "I can't wait for the next lecture in this series- Tiger Woods on Fidelity."

Gordon asks about Blagojevich's first job with former Ald. Ed "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak.
"He wasn't corrupt until just now. He just pleaded guilty to something," Blagojevich said.
"Nah, nah, nah," Gordon said, again to laughter.

Gordon asked how Blagojevich was surrounded by people who were indicted -- 13 in Operation Board Games.
"How do you explain your association with people here who, in the end, were corrupt?" Gordon asked.
"That's not a lot of people. You mentioned Tony Rezko. I misread Tony Rezko, so did President Obama."

Now we're getting into questioning by Northwestern Law Professor Tonja Jacobi.
Blagojevich gets into it a little bit with Jacobi after she says she believes there are expressed quid pro quos in the allegations.
Blagojevich says there's no expressed quid pro quos.
"We haven't had a case yet," Jacobi said, raising her voice a bit.
"You're buying into it," Blagojevich said, really getting into it. After he goes on, Jacobi cuts him off.
"What I really prefer is that you answer the original question."
WOO! someone screamed.
"Let me answer that. If you did a public act and you get financial gain for a public act...(he drifts) ...
Campaign finances payments ... (he drifts) "I'm pro-choice...they've given campaign contributions. that's perfectly legal."

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This was my line! If you want to properly attribute it look at the facebook page for the event. I wrote on the wall- "Looking forward to the next lecture in this series- Tiger Woods on fidelity."!/event.php?eid=355591191141

Benjamin W. Bear
Northwestern 10

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