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Blagojevich vs. Northwestern Law Professor

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Now we're getting into questioning by Northwestern Law Professor Tonja Jacobi.
Blagojevich gets into it a little bit with Jacobi after she says she believes there are expressed quid pro quos in the allegations.
Blagojevich says there's no expressed quid pro quos alleged in the indictment.
"We haven't had a case yet," Jacobi said, raising her voice a bit.
"You're buying into it," Blagojevich said, really getting into it. After he goes on, Jacobi cuts him off.
"What I really prefer is that you answer the original question."
WOO! someone screamed.
"Let me answer that," Blagojevich promises. "If you did a public act and you get financial gain for a public act...(he drifts) ...
Campaign finances payments ... (he drifts) "I'm pro-choice...they've given campaign contributions. that's perfectly legal."

Donna Leff, professor and on Medill faculty takes umbrage with Blagojevich drawing parallels between himself and Medill students whose notes were subpoenaed by the Cook County state's attorney.
"These students are not accused of any crime and they don't stand indicted," Leff said.
"Their records were subpoened like mine, my college records," Blagojevich said.
She then asked Blagojevich:
Do you think you're facing this today, because of media unfairness?
"No, the media was lied to. You were lied to. You have an obligation to tell the truth."
You know who my first choice for senator was? Mike Madigan's daughter..." (he drifts again.
Leff spars with a slippery Blagojevich who continues to avoid specifically answering questions about the media. He says the Fourth Estate has fallen down on the job but doesn't give a specific example of when the media has failed.
And now ... Blagojevich is somehow talking about weapons of mass destruction.
He says the nation took the government's word.
"And they lied," he said. "The government doesn't always tell the truth."

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