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Blagojevich to address a packed Northwestern University auditorium

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It's a full crowd here tonight at Northwestern University's Cahn Auditorium where Rod Blagojevich is preparing to address students any minute.
"Ladies and gentleman. Elvis is in the building," a student just announced at the lectern. But the former governor is running typically late.
The indicted former governor's topic?
Ethics in government.
Since his 2008 arrest on corruption charges, Blagojevich has railed against Illinois state lawmakers, blaming deadlock and waste in government on them.
But at least one critic said the irony of Blagojevich's topic tonight is as thick as the pile of hair on his head.
"If you looked up irony, you would see the invitation to the event," said state Rep. Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs), who partly led the impeachment efforts in Springfield last year.
"It's amazing. My only advice to the students: do the just the opposite of what they're told tonight, then they'll do just fine and live their lives as law-abiding citizens."
Blagojevich was invited by the College Democrats and will answer questions from a panel made up of Northwestern professors.
Dan Rockoff of College Democrats says tonight is: "about how tomorrow's students will have respect for the rule of law." Laughter broke out.

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