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Blagojevich called to testify in developer's trial. But won't take stand.

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He's asked for testimony from Mayor Daley and up to 10 Chicago aldermen.
But politically-connected developer Calvin Boender, on trial for bribing a city alderman to get a zoning chane for his West Side development, sent out a subpoena to an unlikely recipient: Rod Blagojevich.
The former governor received the subpoena two weeks ago, one of his lawyers said.
But Blago won't be taking the witness stand.
His lawyers opposed the subpoena, saying the indicted ex-governor and Boender don't know each other.
The defense agreed to withdraw it this morning, said Blagojevich attorney Sheldon Sorosky.
"Boender didn't know him and Blagojevich had no knowledge of the issues at trial," Sorosky said.
Sorosky said it was former Ald. Ike Carothers with whom Boender had political ties. Boender is accused of paying for nearly $40,000 in repairs to Carothers' home in exchange for a zoning change on his Galewood Yards property. Carothers has pleaded guilty and resigned from his public position.
"He knew Carothers, they were fellow Democrats," Sorosky said.
Blagojevich had asked Carothers for political support in his campaigns.
"And Carothers supported him but it had nothing to do with the issues before the court," Sorosky said.
Carothers' lawyer had no comment.
U.S. District Judge Robert Dow hasn't ruled yet on whether Mayor Daley or the 10 aldermen will testify.

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