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Robert Blagojevich: "I want my name back."

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Minutes before he entered a "not guilty" plea in federal court this morning, Robert Blagojevich said he agrees with his brother's position -- made public yesterday -- not to contest the playing of secret FBI recordings in his case.
Rob Blagojevich, who flew in from Nashville, Tenn., will only ask to suppress private conversations between his wife and his son, which had nothing to do with the case, he said.
The ex-governor's brother, who keeps a low-profile compared with Rod Blagojevich's national media tour, said he was disheartened by the new set of charges -- including attempted extortion and bribery conspiracy leveled by the government. The charges are designed to battle an expected U.S. Supreme attack on the honest services statute.
"The misery continues every day," Rob Blagojevich said of battling his case. "I am an innocent man and I will keep fighting. But (prosecutors) have the unlimited resources of the federal government."
His lawyer, Michael Ettinger, said Rob Blagojevich will also not contest the recordings in the case.
"Play them all," Ettinger said.
After court, Rob Blagojevich called his relationship with his brother "strained."
"It's not what it once was. It's a little strained. But we'll get through it," Rob Blagojevich told reporters. As for the tapes in the case, the Tennessean said he's listened to them all. "I'm very comfortable with the outcome with regard to me," he said.

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I used to work for this little man back in Tampa for a company called Invest.No further investigation has been done about multiple transactions done there at the company with another impeached Mayor from Il of course he doesn't remember.As someone who has personally dealt with him his picture is in the dictionary next to narcissism,arrogance and cowardice. The first day I dealt with him I felt he was as crooked as a dogs hind leg and my coworkers scoffed at me as he can be very charming.What can I say its been a decade and yes I have been enjoying seeing justice being served.Rob you may want your name back and you may get it back and whether guilty or innocent the damage has been done. You reap what you sew.I saw you screw a LOT of good people over back in Tampa and now its time to pay the piper. Should have stayed with the Republicans you used to keep those signs in your office .Sometimes the little guys do win even if a moral victory!

Robert your brother has the power to exonerate you; but to do so he has to admit his guilt and turn on some of the boys, and since Rod is a coward, and never really cared who life he ruined in the progress of his political crime spree; you are out of luck. Unfortunately you like the taxpayer and his daughters have willingly fallen victim. Welcome to the club; how elite and above the law do you feel now? As a taxpayer I feel Patty your sister-in-law; you know the god fearing mother and retired real-estate mogul with the mouth of a drunken trucker at a local strip bar is guiltier of participating in your brothers political crime spree then you are. But she is Mels daughter who is one of the most powerful aldermen in the city; so you know she is not going to jail which will not be case with you. However we all know the real brains for lack of better words, orchestrator of corruption, and puppet master is Rod your brother, and you jumped on the Rod party train for the money. Did you really think it was going to last forever? I know law enforcement has given you every opportunity to come clean, and help law enforcement with their investigation. Law Enforcement would like to clean up Illinois government more than put you in jail; but your brother has decided to roll the dice, play another losing hand, and use your life as a gambling chip in a Las Vegas casino. good luck you are going to need it my friend.

You have been punked!

Ha! Good name. What a laugh. His name is Blagojevich. It is the name of a criminal empire. It is a name that will be remembered like Capone. But there is another name. A more insidious name. The name of an arch criminal, who has not been snared yet. His day will come too. You see, he disguises himself as a reformer. Pat Quinn your cell is waiting.

You can have your name and a few more I will be happy to give you.....God, your turning into quite a whinner....Don't do the crime if you can't do possible time! yeah should have been smart enough to STAY away from your brother.....

All this is a another three ringed circus. All politicians know how to do is ACT in front of cameras, they all go to drama classes before running for any office so they can put their best face forward. All of a sudden HE wants this and wants THAT. When you play with fire, you better expect to get burned sooner or later.
It all catches up to you, and no matter how much you put on that ACT, most of us can see right through you. So you did the crime, now do the time.

why is he so sad now? he was not sad when these fiendish schemes were being done or when he reaped rewards from evil deeds and betrayal of the voters and taxpayers...

maybe some jail time will help inspire future brothers of politicians to watch their step :O)

It would appear their stradegy is to overwhelm the jury with 71+ day's of recording's...but if Robert is going to pick and choose, so is the government. Which makes their game plan moot. He should just let the jury hear all the tapes, if a couple of the jury members shoot themselves after listening to Milorad for 500 hours...they'll have mistrial. And if they both keep their mouths shut in regards to Barry, they'll have a pardon.

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