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Blagojevich text from today

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Here's Rod Blagojevich's full statement today, from his publicist.
He said this minutes after pleading not guilty to charges.

"Today I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I know I have a constitutional right to try to suppress these tapes. And as a former prosecutor I believe there's a good chance that it would probably be granted. Here's what I'm not going to do: I'm not going to hide behind my lawyers, nor will I hide behind technicalities in the law to try to block these tapes from being heard. Instead, I've instructed my lawyers to petition the court so that every second, every minute and every hour that the government secretly taped me is provided to both sides to be played in court. And I challenge the government to get on the side of truth and justice and if this is a crime spree like you claim it was, then don't hide behind technicalities. Play the tapes. Play the truth, and play the whole truth.

"I'm not just talking the talk here. I'm also going to walk the walk, which is right up to the witness stand. And when I take the stand, I'll testify and swear on the Holy Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I expect and, more importantly, I believe the people of Illinois expect and deserve that the government does the same.

"Play the truth, and play the whole truth. Play nothing but the truth. Play the tapes."

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I live in the New York area and would respectively as a favor of the residents of Chicago News sources. Please keep that loudmouth there with you. Isn't it enough we have one of your rejects cavorting all over the world on AF1 running up the deb ? And isn't it enough he's on TV every day lying his jug-ears off ? Obama has surrounded himself with a corrupt administration, and agencies like ACORN , and Constitution tramplers like the Black Panthers. Please spare us the ordeal of having to look at Blago .

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