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Senate ethics panel: Roland Burris was "inconsistent," "misleading" and "inappropriate."

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In a letter of admonition, the U.S. Senate ethics committee said U.S. Sen. Roland Burris was "misleading" and "inconsistent" in his statements before an Illinois House impeachment panel and less than candid about his failure to disclose various contacts with Rod Blagojevich's administration.
Before the ethics panel's letter was made public, Burris put out a press statement indicating he was "cleared of legal wrongdoing."
The initial headlines went up.
And then ... the delete button.
In its Friday letter, the ethics committee said Burris gave "multiple and at times contradictory explanations for failing to disclose all your contacts with the governor's associates."
The ethics inquiry was launched earlier this year after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that Burris' testimony before an Illinois House panel investigating Rod Blagojevich's impeachment lacked critical details about his dealings with the ex-governor's brother.
Burris added to his testimony in a written affidavit, which was first made public in the Sun-Times after the paper raised questions to the senator about his discussions with Robert Blagojevich.
The letter goes on to say that Burris' recorded conversation with Robert Blagojevich about fund-raising was "innappropriate," but did not rise to the level of an explicit quid pro quo.
But it faulted Burris with failing to disclose the conversation with the brother of the ex-governor before he was seated in the U.S. Senate.
"You should have known that any conversations you had about your desire to seek the Senate seat and about any possible fund-raising for the governor were critical to these inquiries," the letter stated.
The ethics panel said Burris didn't break the law, however: "Senators must meet a much higher standard of conduct."
Sun-Times editorial: "Burris lied, then lied about lying."
New York Times: 'A sternly worded rebuke.'
Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman: "Burris is a lying snake."
Lynn Sweet: No charges coming

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how did any of these people continue to be elected. burris was an idiot to accept this appointment. i hope it ended his career. until the people begin to hold politicians to a higher standard, all this crap will continue! they are not for the people, they are for the money!

The demorcrats won't bring charges because they need his vote...what a bunch of scum bags! I will never vote demcratic in Illinois againg...

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