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Blagojevich wants new trial date

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Rod Blagojevich's lawyers are asking a federal judge to move his trial date from June of next year to September, arguing they're awaiting a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that could affect the case.
In a new court filing, Blagojevich's lawyers say the high court could come down with a decision concerning the honest services statute just before the ex-governor is set for trial.
Both Rod Blagojevich and his brother, Robert Blagojevich face charges involving the honest services statute. The Supreme Court last month signaled it was on a path to redefine the statute that is often criticized for being too vague and giving prosecutors too much leeway in filing charges.
The statute is often used by prosecutors to charge public officials and others of depriving the public of their right to "honest services." But just when that line is crossed is open to interpretation, critics say.

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Standard operation procedure on what he is being charged for......all politicians do the same as he did. He just pissed off the wrong people and got caught. He is out of office and should not be allowed to run for any office again. That is enough punishment. I'm sure many sales people can see the same....what do you expect when you take a client out for dinner?? or give someone tickets for an event?? you want the business!!!

I'm with "By Guy" on this one, Milorad has been soooo busy running around proclaiming his 'absolute innocence', this should not make a bit of difference...He's a lawyer, it would be much more productive if he worked on his case instead of doing the talk show circuit, and it would be better for his wife if he didn't constantly piss off the feds.

Why should it matter? Blago is so insistent he did absolutely nothing wrong I can't believe he would be worried about an interpretation of a law that would only apply to him if he was less than the 100% honest civil servant he portrays himself as. Unless, ...

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