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Rod Blagojevich to appear on 'The Bonnie Hunt Show'

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Rod Blagojevich 2.jpgThe Rod Blagojevich Book Tour continues today as the embattled former Illinois governor joins fellow Chicagoan Bonnie Hunt for an interview.

In the interview, which airs this afternoon, Hunt calls Blagojevich a "smooth operator." She says after reading his book, The Governor, "I would describe you as a perpetual victim of circumstance. Could that possibly be true?"

Hunt also asks him whether his position of power ever tempted him to exchange the Senate seat for personal gain, if he accepts any responsibility for mistakes that he has made and why there aren't more people coming to his defense if he is truly innocent.

Blagojevich tells her, "They're lying. These are false accusations and there are taped conversations that will set the record straight. That's the truth. I'm the one that wants you all to hear them. My accusers don't.  Now what does that tell you?"

"The Bonnie Hunt Show" airs at 2 p.m. CST on NBC.

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Bessie: You're right, Blago's attorneys didn't join in CNN's motion. But more and more they've been saying they want the tapes released. In our story that ran Sunday, Rob Blagojevich's lawyer, Michael Ettinger, said he would play the tapes today if he could. And the former governor has increasingly said he wants them played.

He has some nerve calling Patrick Fitzgerald a liar! WOW, I wonder if there will be any reprocutions???And I don't recall anyone reporting that Milorad's lawyers were fighting along side CNN to have the tapes released...Natasha, you were there...What happened?

Why can't this guy just go away. No one wants to hear his story. He was caught flat footed and he's got himself to blame. His wife is no better and neither is his brother.

His wife should remember that she can always get another husband but not another father.


Way to go Bonnie! Nice job calling out Blago on his bs! It's nice to see someone not playing into victim schtick!

Go get him, Bonnie!!

GO ROD!!! This guy's the best!

That was great and about's amazing to me that most television interviewers don't read the book when interviewing the author...I wish Milorad would accept an interview from someone well informed on his situation but we all know he's not dumb enough to do that.

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