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Rod Blagojevich joins Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

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The Rod Blagojevich media blitz continued Thursday night as the embattled former governor appeared on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."

Blagojevich ensured host Jon Stewart that he's been falsely accused of trying to sell President Obama's vacated Senate seat for financial gain.

After Stewart made a few hair jokes, he asked Blagojevich point-blank about the now-infamous line that came out in the indictment: "I've got this thing and it's f****** golden."

"My accusers, who had a press conference while I was locked up in a jail cell, said that I said that. They have since gone to court and have gotten a court order that prevents me from finishing out that conversation and telling you exactly the next sentence or the next paragraph."

In the second part of the interview, Blagojevich said Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan "may have some criminal culpability."

"He was holding back a jobs bill, not expanding health care," Blagojevich said. "If he was leveraging that for [his daughter, Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan's] Senate seat then you have to ask yourself if that's legitimate or not."

Blagojevich reiterated his assertion that third parties were involved, including White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who wanted Blagojevich to appoint Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool to his vacated 5th Congressional District seat, according to an article in today's Sun-Times.

Comedy Central posted the entire, unedited, three-part interview on the show's Web site.

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Mike; the impeachment process was to determine if Blagojevicih should be removed from office and prohibited from future public office. An impeachment hearing will not jail, since freedom is not at stake, he was not entitled to all the protections of a criminal defendent but was entitled to due process. Milorad was only on trial for his job which he was at least allowed a hearing which is more than most of us get. He was prohibited from bringing witnesses that were involved in his criminal case, he could have called anyone else.
He didn't want to show up for his hearing because he would be questioned under oath and he wasn't about to incriminate himself for his future trial that will most likely send him to jail.
This was to prove he was unfit to govern...When he was arrested the department of Homeland Security cut him off of all monthly reports, and that alone made him incapable of governing...He should have stepped down that very day, he put us all at risk.
I attached one article about the rules of impeachment but you can google it and find many more I'm sure.
Milorad is just trying to sell as many books as he possibly can before his conviction because after he is found guilty all proceeds will be forfeited by Illinois law passed recently courtesy of Lisa Madigan.

I'm not sure hoe these guys even get on the talk show circuit in the first place. I know that it is all about ratings, but this is getting ridiculous.

Bessie - A link to an article or some proof to show what your saying is true? i would like to see your source that states he was allowed to bring evidence. I would really appreciate it, as i and many others have always been up in the air about this, and one comment, or one interview on my favorite comedy show, is not going to change that.

If anyone can provide a link, or article that states he was allowed to bring evidence, it would be apprecaited.

Hard to believe that NO ONE has questioned his nonsense about not being able to talk about what's on the tapes. It's just more self-serving babble from Blago and a stall tactic to try to influence prospective jurors.

And you think that Pat Fitzgerald would have indicted him if there were obvious statements on the tapes that would exonerate him? ("I know what comes next, but I cna't tell you"). Maybe it's like Nixon ("I could give away the seat, but it would be wrong!"). Whoops...forgot, he's the "anti-Nixon" (whatever that is)!

What a smash success the book tour has been..."The Governor" is ranked #10,109 on Amazon. Rumors have it that less than 1000 copies have been sold. There are more libraries that that!

I can't get over how these talk show host don't call him out on his lies...He was allowed to call witnesses & bring evidence in his Senate hearings, just not people who were involved in the federal case against him. By the way, they would not make credible witnesses anyhow being that they would not implicate themselves in any wrong doing. The only reason he didn't show up for the Senate hearings is that he didn't want to answer questions under oath. And him going on and on about wanting the tapes released in their intirety, when CNN and other local news agencies went to court for their release he and his lawyers were no where in sight. He's just trying to rake in the bucks before he is found guilty and he can no longer collect off the proceeds of his book.
I did enjoy how he goes after Michael Madigan and Lisa, I wonder if they had a reaction to his interview today???
IS it true that he is not allowed to discuss the content of the tapes? I find that hard to believe, why wouldn't Patrick Fitzgerald want Milorad to publicly hang himself?

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