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Kelly dead of apparent overdose. Probe underway.

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Country Club Hills police are investigating the death of Chris Kelly, the longtime loyal friend, adviser and fund-raiser of Rod Blagojevich.
Hours before Kelly was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital, he called a friend to tell her he was going to kill himself, the Sun-Times is reporting.
A source familiar with the investigation said that Kelly, who is married, called a friend and told her he took some pills and was going to kill himself.
She found Kelly and drove him to Oak Forest Hospital, dropped him off and called police to report she did so, the source said.
Oak Forest Hospital does not have a trauma unit and was unable to treat Kelly, who then was rushed to Stroger Hospital in an ambulance.
Kelly, 51, had been indicted three times but refused to cooperate against the ex-governor. He pleaded guilty last Tuesday was set to turn himself in to prison on Friday.

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What is amazing to me is the guy had alcohol and gambling addictions probably brought on by depression, recently underwent surgery also adds to depression...anyone who suffers from severe depression will tell you that it leaves you with an inability to deal with life's punches. Now add to that pleading guilty, receiving 8 yrs. with one more HUGE trial on the way, being pressured to testify against others "friends" who did pretty much the same things you did. Lets not forget his family situation and not being able to help raise his three children...This would be a lot to face for someone without any mental health issues'...AND what does Milorad do???He makes it all about him and the "evil accusers", if Milorad was such a great friend he wouldn't have let the prosection hold Kellys' feet over the fire...he would have stood up and said enough! If he was Kellys true friend he would have helped him years ago, this didn't just happen it was years in the making.

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