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Inside the Rod Blagojevich investigation and related cases


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A longtime military man and successful businessman, Rob Blagojevich -- the brother of our controversial ex-governor -- lived in relative obscurity.
But just four months after reluctantly agreeing to act as the fund-raising chair to the former governor, Rob Blagojevich was an unnamed co-schemer in a federal complaint. By the next spring, he was indicted.

For the first time, Rob and his wife, Julie have agreed to break that silence in a wide-ranging interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. Read today's story

Rob and Rod in more innocent days.

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It's probably nothing personal, but none of Rod Blagojevich's codefendants -- including his brother -- will join the former governor tomorrow at Chicago's federal courthouse to plead to a Read More

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It very well maybe that P.F. is using Rob to get to Rod but if he really wanted to play dirty he would bring charges against Patti and he hasn't done that yet. The first thing Rob should do is seperate himself from his brother and he might have a prayer. If Milorad had any decency and respect for his family he would make a plea deal, Milorad is a coward who is bringing his entire family down with him including his children. He is trying to portay himself as a victim/hero and he is nothing but a weasel.

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