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Chris Kelly -- in his own words

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The Chicago Sun-Times has obtained a transcript of Christopher Kelly's court hearing the day he pleaded guilty last week. Country Club Hills Police say that hours after entering his guilty plea, he attempted suicide.
Friends rushed to his aid and Kelly vowed he'd get help.
But three days later, Kelly once again walked down that dark path, downing a bottle of aspirin. He was dead the next day. Kelly had been indicted three times since 2007. The day he pleaded guilty he spoke of pressures "in my life."

Here are excerpts:
U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle: Are you being threatened in any way?
Kelly: No, sir.
Norgle: Are you being pressured or forced or shoved into pleading guilty?
Kelly: "I would be remiss if I didn't say that there was a great deal of
pressure in my life right now. But I'm doing it freely, and willingly,
understandingly, knowingly, conscious of the ramifications of my actions,
and I'm accepting responsibility here in front of you today, Judge Norgle."
Norgle: Is it fair to say you have had enough time to think about all of
Kelly: Yes, your Honor, I have.
Norgle: All right. This is an important question: Then what is it that
you have decided to do?
Kelly: To plead guilty to the charges as outlined by the

Click here for the full transcript: Kellyplea.pdf

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