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Blago on Today: Shout it from the mountaintop.

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Appearing on the "Today Show" this morning, Illinois' disgraced ex-governor said when you're an innocent man: "you look for the highest mountaintop where you can shout out: 'it ain't so.'"

Since no one can actually hear you while you're on top of a mountain, Rod Blagojevich lamented this morning, you write a book. The former Illinois governor is on a media tour -- his second such blitz this year -- to promote his new book, "The Governor," in which he chronicles his political rise and fall.

While The Governor, published by Phoenix Books, was released today, it hit some bookstores in the Chicago area last week. Blagojevich is scheduled to appear on "The View," tomorrow and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," on Thursday.

During his morning talk show appearance, Blagojevich admitted he can be heard on FBI recordings telling others that the U.S. Senate seat is "(Bleepin') Golden," and he wasn't going to give it up for "(Bleepin') nothing."

"I did say that, I said it in the context of politics, helping the people of illinois, health care ..." Blagojevich said this morning.

He then lashed out at prosecutors for only telling part of the story.

"The very people who made those accusations are the ones who went to court and stopped the tapes from being released," Blagojevich said.

Blagojevich said prosecutors released only portions of secret recordings that captured him talking about President Obama's vacant senate seat last fall.

He said when the tapes are played at trial: "The simple truth is what will vindicate me."

He is scheduled to go on trial next June.

Blagojevich was arrested Dec. 9 on charges that he tried selling the seat, among other allegations.

He denied the government's contention that he on the brink of selling the U.S. Senate seat when he was arrested. Instead, he said he was setting plans in motion to cut a deal with politically powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan to push through a legislative package in exchange for naming the speaker's daughter, Lisa Madigan, to the post. The Madigans have said they have no idea of what plan Blagojevich is speaking.

"This is a story that is completely upside down," Blagojevich said this morning. He said it is a "lie and a mutilation of the truth," for the government to say it was stopping a crime spree.

"Not only is (naming Madigan) on the up and up," Blagojevich said. "It's the best deal I could get for the people of Illinois."

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Rod Blagojevich's plan is to contaminate the media and the citizens of Illinois so that his trial will be labeled a "mistrial" because he can't get a fair, unbiased judge or jury. Once they try to sit the jurors, everyone will have to admit that they have seen and heard him on TV. That alone will prevent him getting a "fair" trial. He is not stupid nor are his attorneys. That is their game plan....5twxx2

He never answered why Reid, Durbin or Emanuel didn't come out to support him after his arrest, he totally avoided the question...It sounded a little like an S.O.S., help me out or I'll take you with me. Also missing from his book is Obama, he's going to need him in case of a conviction he'll be needing a pardon.

If he wrote this book to "set the record straight," then why didn't he address any of the criminal charges against him? Why didn't he address any of the 19 counts used against him in his impeachment trial?

Clearly, because he has no facts and no "truth." The man is a pathological liar. He is completely delusional.

This guy again? And a book of tall nice. does this moron realize that he will NOT see a dime of that money until his trial is OVER? Talk abut a bafoon? What about the money he received
before writing the book? Was he allowed to keep that too......Rumor has it, that he is even going on the HOWARD STERN SHOW on Sirius/XM.
God, why can't you people keep this ahole off TV? What is so interesting about the book...its nothing but the same nonsense he already has been running his mouth about.....

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