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"Rod Blagojevich needed his own Web site. It was time."

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He's not the governor anymore, but that didn't stop Rod Blagojevich from naming a new Web site that's all about him:
Blago, ousted from his gubernatorial post in January, is a "Champion for Ordinary People," according to the Web site.
Blago's publicist says It was launched today as a way for supporters and fans to track his many media appearances. With just a click, it allows you to book Rod as a guest speaker. It will also act as a platform to publicize Blago's book, due out Sept. 8.
"Rod Blagojevich needed his own Web site," his publicist, Glenn Selig said. "It was time."

From Blago's PR team:

(PRNewsChannel) / Chicago, Ill. / For those who can't get enough of Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois, the new Web site gives them their fill 24/7.

Blagojevich, and news about him, has continued to dominate local and national coverage even after his controversial ousting from office earlier this year.

Blagojevich made headlines as recently as this weekend after making a surprise appearance at a Chicago block party where he performed an Elvis song on stage to a roaring crowd.

"Rod Blagojevich needed his own Web site. It was time," says Glenn Selig, the governor's spokesman and founder of The Publicity Agency. " offers his fans and supporters a way to connect." offers a multi-dimentional peek into Blagojevich's life--including his highly anticipated forthcoming book, "The Governor," due out Sept. 8.

It also connects the public to his radio show on WLS-AM in Chicago. The program airs Sundays from 12pm-2pm CST on WLS.

For more on Rod Blagojevich, please visit his Web site at:

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When are the reporters going to out all the consultants who got big state / tollway projects because of their involvement in donating to the Gov. It is against their professional license.

Oh yeah, baby. Govern that Rod.

His name domain URL ( is a timeline of his life, with special focus on the events after his arrest. It's amazing what has transpired since his arrest in Dec 2008.

Is there no stopping this egotist? What could he possibly have to say that we haven't heard from him already. He's repeated it often enough. Don't give him any more media time.

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