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Blago on stage with Fabio. Sings Elvis. Watch it.

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At a street party on a muggy Chicago night, Illinois' former Gov. Rod Blagojevich jumps on stage with a look-a-like of the once-upon-a-time male hunk Fabio, announcing that they're both out of work.

Blago takes over the mic, swivels his hips, and pays homage to his idol, Elvis, singing "Treat me Nice." At one point he unbuttons his shirt and flips up his collar.
All of this happens before a jumpy audience that both cheers and heckles him.
One person screams: "It's a f-ing valuable thing!" a reference to secret FBI wiretaps where Blagojevich, as governor, is allegedly captured talking about selling President Obama's former Senate seat.

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What an embarassment to a former govenor of IL making such an idiot of himself.

Party on, Rod...continue to make a mokery out of the position you once held.

I don't think your litte girls will be laughing in the future when they are old enough to see the way you presented yourself as an soon-to-be convicted former govenor. Not thinking of the future, as usual. I woud be so ashamed if my father was acting like this in public.

OMG!!! This is the most embarrassing display I have ever seen!

I always knew he was an IDIOT but this is something else. Does he really think that people are laughing WITH him????? OH MY GOD!!! Go away already..don't you have any pride??? I guess not....

chirtown lady: I agree. Blago's meter has run out. done,done,gone.

NO SHAME NO SHAME......he needs to realize people are laughing AT him rather then with him.....Truly pathtic.........Hey they are looking for a new pitchman to replace BILLY MAYS....

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