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BLAGO on Madigans: "I was being shaken down."

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In his new book: "The Governor," Rod Blagojevich launches a new salvo against his longtime political rival Michael Madigan, saying the Illinois House Speaker and his daughter, Lisa Madigan, put the arm on him for campaign cash.
Blagojevich claims he had a 2006 meeting with Madigan and his daughter, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, where the two allegedly hit him up for $400,000 in campaign contributions. Blagojevich writes that Michael Madigan wanted 2 1/2 percent of all of Blago's cash as part of a "coordinated campaign." The two met with him along with other Democrats like Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and retired state Senate leader Emil Jones, according to the book.
"It was designed by the Madigans as a subtle threat. While dear old dad is literally and figuratively putting the arm on me from my left side, she is subtly holding a gun to my head from the right. Their message was easily interpreted. If I didn't fork over (2 1/2) percent of my campaign fund ... then they were both going to make trouble for me," Blagojevich wrote. "It was subtle and but purposeful. And that's what they intended and that's what they did. And it made me feel like I was being shaken down."
Blagojevich attacked Lisa Madigan -- the same person he says later in the book he was to appoint to the vacant U.S. Senate seat -- for being "unethical." A year prior, Lisa Madigan had subpoenaed campaign fundraising records: "from the very office she was now sitting in."
Blagojevich said he wouldn't kick in. Michael Madigan's payback, Blago says, was blocking his healthcare initiative. Lisa Madigan's? Not endorsing Blago's reelection bid.
Steve Brown, a spokesman for Michael Madigan, called the claims "delusional."
A spokeswoman for Lisa Madigan said the attorney general hasn't read the book and doesn't plan to read it.

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Rod being an ex-bookie and haven shaken down childrens hopitals know's how to "shake down" and knows when he's being shaken. His love for Illinois and it's citizens is overwhelming, from giving the Senate seat to someone he viewed as a thug to not stepping down after he was cut off from Homeland Security up-dates. He never had any interest in putting in the best person for the Senate seat, just what kind of deal he could make. When no one with any honor self respect or dignity would accept the seat he gave it to Roland Burris. This is why Lisa Madigan isn't running for office, she got a heads up on the book but lucky for her Illinois has a short memory I'm sure she'll run in 2012.

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