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Monk plea a no-go tomorrow

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Don't expect Rod Blagojevich's longtime buddy and former chief of staff Lon Monk to plead guilty tomorrow.
"It's going to be delayed," Monk's San Francisco lawyer Michael Shepard told me today.
Monk is now expected to change his not guilty plea to a guilty plea on Aug. 11, according to the court docket.
Shepard didn't want to discuss details.
But these kinds of hold-ups are pretty typical for plea deals, especially when they involve a promise of cooperation -- as is expected in Monk's.
Monk, who faces just one count in an indictment he shares with Blago, has been in talks with prosecutors for months now. The potential of his becoming a witness is significant because he was close to Blagojevich during both terms in office, either as a top aide or working in the campaign fund.
Even as a lobbyist, Monk was intensely involved in helping the ex-governor raise campaign cash up until the final months of 2008.
The Chicago Sun-Times first reported the feds had tapped Monk's
cell phone last year and secretly recorded many conversations.
Monk, an attorney and sports agent, was recorded talking to the ex-governor about an alleged shakedown of a horse-racing executive.

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This is the trifecta for Fitzgerald as Blago keeps screaming his innocence in hopes of catching a sypathetic Illinoisan's ear...he's pathetic.

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