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Judge to decide next week whether to make Blago evidence public

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Judge James Zagel is contemplating opening up a treasure trove of now non-public evidence against Rod Blagojevich -- including transcripts of conversations recorded by the FBI.
Zagel said today in court that he will decide by next week whether he will make public sealed documents and transcripts of those recordings.
His upcoming ruling is in response to a CNN bid last month, asking to make public documents and transcripts of secret recordings of the ousted governor.
CNN called Blagojevich's case: "perhaps the single biggest political corruption scandal in Illinois' history," and argued that "a prosecution which is done in secret, either in whole or in part, runs contrary to our constitutional notions of justice."
Zagel's ruling will likely also address a request by the Chicago Tribune to unseal materials involving Blago codefendant William Cellini.

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The judge would perform a noble public service if he would let the sunshine in, make all recordings connected to "Hot" Rod Blagojevich public, and deny Blago the delusional pleasure of "plausible" deniability.

The judge would perform a noble public service if he would release ALL of the information kept secret. We need to clean up Chicago and Illinois so that it is no longer a dysfunctional joke known for corrupt politicians.

The judge would also deny "Hot" Rod Blagojevich, Illinois' former governor, the pleasure of living in the delusion of plausible deniability.

Hey Natasha, shouldn't the judge be making that decision soon? Anyword when?

The records should be made public. Quite frankly, I'm tired of Blago continuing to claim he's so innocent. No one gets ousted out of an office for no reason at all. Blago needs a reality check and going public with this information may be the alarm that he needs.

I believe that they should just publizise the recording. His reputation is already damaged since everything came out. Hearing the proof coming out of his mouth will only validate the crime his being accused of. Unless the FBI is scared that parts of the recordings will compromise other investigation being done.

If he's going to have his own radio show screaming his innocence,the people should have access to the evidence. With everyone flipping on Blago, it's time he comes to his senses and maybe if the documents are made public he and his family will finally face reality.

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