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Blago's ex-chief of staff to plead guilty today

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Rod Blagojevich's ex-chief of staff John Harris is scheduled to plead guilty at noon today, making him the first in the ex-governor's immediate case to officially turn on his old boss.
In December, Harris, then the governor's chief of staff, was arrested along with Blagojevich on corruption charges that included attempting to put President Obama's U.S. Senate seat up for sale.
In April, Harris' attorney, Terry Ekl, disclosed Harris will be a witness against the impeached governor.
In the government's April 2 indictment, Harris was charged with just one count of wire fraud.
Harris' cooperation came early and has been crucial to giving prosecutors a roadmap to Blagojevich's final days in office.
Ekl has said Harris, 47, of Chicago, had done nothing to financially benefit himself.
Blago's longtime pal Lon Monk is also expected to plead guilty later this month.

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Great he pleads guilty so he doesn't have to roll on DA MAYOR.. this is a joke.. Glad I'm outta there.. Politics as usual in the NANNY STATE..

Harris has more to offer then any other witness yet, he has the goods on Daley & Blagojevich...Harris is the one who gave the o.k. for the Savanna site for the terrorist, oops I mean militant's to train. If the feds get Frawly & Alsammarae they'll have a full house.

One Scumbag down.... how many more to go?!?! Let's make sure this guy serves some real time, and then, let's get the rest of the Blago street crew!

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