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Patti in jungle: The wading is the hardest part.

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Ten minutes into Patti's foray into reality TV, viewers watch her get washed down the river. As her team (TEAM RED) tries wading through a fast-moving stream, Patti gets caught in a current and is suddenly submerged and moving quickly upstream. She tries grabbing a branch, but the force of the water pushes her along.
But not to worry, she floats into a lagoon. All is well. Except her drenched backpack.
Camera cuts to her and she says she can't take much more excitement for the day.
Nearly two hours to go.
What might be tougher to endure: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt who are on Patti's team and are already snuggling.

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1 Comment

I admit I watched the show, I couldn't help myself...I don't know who this Heidi & Spencer are, but if Patti wants votes and people to like her she should get tough and push both of them in the river.

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