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New lawyer to "quarterback" Blago evidence

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A new lawyer has been added to the Blagojevich team -- on a temporary basis.
Because the ex-governor's campaign fund -- and not the ex-governor -- is picking up the legal tab, the lawyer, who has just eight years experience, will be paid at the same rate as veteran attorneys on Blagojevich's case -- $110 an hour.
U.S. District Judge James Zagel authorized a lawyer by the name of Giel Stein to "quarterback" as lawyers go through evidence in the case. For now, Zagel, who has oversight over how the $2.3 million fund is spent, is authorizing Stein to work 40 hours at $110 an hour. Stein, a former senior associate at Winston & Strawn said he did some work on the George Ryan defense. In all, Stein has eight years experience and most of it has been doing civil work. He said he is "still being mentored" to become a member of the federal defense panel. Stein will oversee the legal staff that's combing over tapes, transcripts and documents turned over by the government in Blagojevich's case. Stein said he will, among other things, look at legal issues that arise.
In asking for Stein, Blagojevich lawyer Sheldon Sorosky said the defense wants to "get to trial as speedily as possible and keep the costs as minimal as possible."

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Mr. Stein's a joke! Why did Winston & Straun fire him?

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